Defence Industry

Since its establishment in 1983 Tecmea has been a supplier for the military and defence industry, co-designing and manufacturing special components and mechanical units for wheeled, tracked and amphibious vehicles, towers and flight components, operating in Italy and abroad.

Reliability and confidentiality are ensured by rigorous processes for product control, data and documents protection and by a tradition of serious working expressed in the company’s Code of Conduct.

Tecmea’s technical know-how and flexibility to adapt have made Tecmea the supplier of numerous components for Leopard C1 and VCC80 tanks, for B1, B2, VBM and LMV armoured vehicles and for the SAV amphibious vehicle.

Its major creations include the special nitrogen shock-absorber, multi-turn gearboxes for tower rotation and lifting, planet-gear carrier, hydraulic seat kit, snorkel and propeller powertrain, missile guidance devices.